Qualified Dietitians

London Dietitians is a group of highly qualified dietitians led by Lynda Mallinson and supported by Office Manager, Tina Hughes.

Our dietitians are:

Our team: Lynda, Tina, Bridgette, Carol & Roshni

Our team: Lynda, Tina, Bridgette, Carol & Roshni

Our Training & Experience

In addition to having a minimum of a four years BSc Dietetics degree and at least five years clinical work experience, each dietitian is intensively trained by Lynda Mallinson to deliver a consistent high level of service tailored to each patient.  While each dietitian has areas of speciality matching London Dietitians dedicated clinics, all are able to advise on diet for health and performance for anyone who wants to make more of their life. 

Professional Associations

Our dietitians are individually registered as members of many professional associations. Some of the team's memberships include:

  • British Dietetic Association (BDA)
  • Health Professionals Council of the UK and SA (South Africa)  (HPC and HPCSA)
  • Association of Dietetics in South Africa (ADSA)
  • Freelance Dietetics Group
  • UK Oncology Group