Working with practitioners

Who we work with

We work with consultants and GPs in a number of London hospitals, including Parkside Hospital Wimbledon, Cancer Centre London and The New Victoria Hospital. At Parkside Hospital and Cancer Centre London we run weekly specialist clinics for rheumatology and oncology. At our office in Wimbledon we run a variety of clinics including a specialist IBS clinic.

What we do

We are experienced in developing dietary approaches to support symptom management and optimise treatment for a wide range of medical conditions, hereditary, lifestyle and disease driven. Our dietitians all hold post-graduate qualifications in dietetics and increase their specialist knowledge through continuing professional development programmes as well as experience.

Partnership approach

By providing regular feedback and reports, we ensure that consultants have up-to-date information on their patients response to dietary changes and their ability to maintain a consistent approach according to the bespoke diet designed for them. In addition to consultants, we often work with other medical professionals, such as physiotherapists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists to help patients optimise their health through diet. We understand that developing new habits takes time, persistence and teamwork.

Medical insurance cover

We work with different medical insurance companies in the UK. If a patient is referred by a Consultant or GP, all or part of the costs can be covered by medical insurance. Please note that not all insurance companies cover GP referrals but BUPA will cover three sessions.

If you are interested in support from a dietitian or a bespoke clinic for your hospital, please email Lynda Mallinson.