Now feel more positive and in control

Now feel more positive and in control

“Seeing Lynda about my GI problems has had a hugely positive effect. She asked a lot of questions, really listened and I feel that finally someone understands me and takes my issues seriously. After seeing Lynda, I feel much more in control and able to follow the FODMAP diet – this has been very beneficial and I now feel much more positive.”

CE age 52, IBS

Small diet changes, 110% difference

Small diet changes, 110% difference

“Going onto an elimination food plan, and making small changes in the form of eating times and not drinking whilst eating, made a 110% difference to me! It’s not until you actually feel better that you begin to realise how much discomfort and worry you have been living with! I feel like I could run 10 miles now! Thanks again.”

ER age 49, Hiatis Hernia

After change of diet, stopped needing medication​​​​​​​

After change of diet, stopped needing medication

"I have told all my friends and colleagues that everyone should see a dietitian at least once in their lifetime. I thought I knew it all and that I was eating well and proportionally but after seeing Lynda, I realised that her guidance opened my eyes regarding food. Her guidance helped me stabilise my blood sugar levels so I don’t need to take medication at present. I thank her very much.”

FD age 50

Combating fatigue and staying healthy during Cancer treatment

Combating fatigue and staying healthy during Cancer treatment

“Cooking, meal planning and food shopping were not things that I spent much time or thought on before seeing Lynda. She helped me to understand the importance of nutrition, different food groups and eating unrefined foods. The guidelines for healthy meals and snacks opened my eyes to the variety of delicious and healthy food available. The healthy eating habits helped me to combat fatigue and stay healthy during treatment. Since having treatment, it has also helped me to feel that I have some control over my health. I feel much better after having made positive changes to my diet and lifestyle.”

RD age 42, Breast Cancer patient

Elimination diet for Inflammation

Elimination diet for Inflammation

“You are what you eat – with the help of Lynda Mallinson, I undertook a six-week elimination diet to help with getting my generalised inflammation under control. I was recently diagnosed with Polymyalgia Rheumatica which is an auto-immune disease. The result – within three to four weeks of following the elimination diet, my symptoms disappeared. I had no stiffness or hobbling in the morning, no sinus issues and no flu-like symptoms, aches or pains. Two months into the diet, my energy has increased significantly and I feel 150% better. My CRP and ESR were measured before and after and the results showed that my CRP reduced from 12 to 0.9 and ESR from 21 to 8 by diet alone and without taking medication.”

ML age 50, patient with Polymyalgia Rheumatica


FODMAP - renewed lease on life

Introducing the FODMAP diet has had such a dramatic result on my wellbeing.  My diet was a healthy one in the traditional sense of no take outs, or junk, no alcohol and plenty of greens and veg, but with the simple changes introduced from FODMAP the result has been so dramatic.  I have a renewed lease on life, I now feel my 36 years old rather than 20 years older, my kids have their energetic mum back and all of my symptoms are gone.  It’s literally changed my entire life.”

MP aged 36

Consistent excellent feedback of a Dietitian helps patients feel more confident

Consultant Endocrinologist

"London Dietitians offer one of the best and most appreciated patient centred dietetic services I have ever had the fortune to use. Their knowledge, experience and professionalism from the feedback patients have given me are excellent and the contact I have had and reports back are always of the highest quality and very useful."

Dr Kevin Shotliff

It's best when a Dietitian is engaging, well researched and current

Breast Cancer Patient

"Lynda is a highly engaging, caring and very well researched professional who has really helped me get to grips with diet, eating patterns and feelings about myself! The advice is always current and relevant - and Lynda responds well to me as a person. I always leave meetings encouraged and inspired to move forward and make progress on achieving new things."

LH age 50, Berkshire, UK

The importance of fiber after bowel cancer surgery

Bowel Cancer

"After visiting several dietitians, I had the most wonderful experience with London Dietitians following my bowel cancer surgery. They've taught me the difference between soluble and insolublefibre - a ground breaker for me! - and now I feel more in control. I recommend highly for anyone who finds themselves in my situation."

AK age 33, Maida Vale, W9