Combating fatigue and staying healthy during Cancer treatment

Combating fatigue and staying healthy during Cancer treatment

“Cooking, meal planning and food shopping were not things that I spent much time or thought on before seeing Lynda. She helped me to understand the importance of nutrition, different food groups and eating unrefined foods. The guidelines for healthy meals and snacks opened my eyes to the variety of delicious and healthy food available. The healthy eating habits helped me to combat fatigue and stay healthy during treatment. Since having treatment, it has also helped me to feel that I have some control over my health. I feel much better after having made positive changes to my diet and lifestyle.”

RD age 42, Breast Cancer patient

The importance of fiber after bowel cancer surgery

Bowel Cancer

"After visiting several dietitians, I had the most wonderful experience with London Dietitians following my bowel cancer surgery. They've taught me the difference between soluble and insolublefibre - a ground breaker for me! - and now I feel more in control. I recommend highly for anyone who finds themselves in my situation."

AK age 33, Maida Vale, W9