gastrointestinal disorder

Now feel more positive and in control

Now feel more positive and in control

“Seeing Lynda about my GI problems has had a hugely positive effect. She asked a lot of questions, really listened and I feel that finally someone understands me and takes my issues seriously. After seeing Lynda, I feel much more in control and able to follow the FODMAP diet – this has been very beneficial and I now feel much more positive.”

CE age 52, IBS


FODMAP - renewed lease on life

Introducing the FODMAP diet has had such a dramatic result on my wellbeing.  My diet was a healthy one in the traditional sense of no take outs, or junk, no alcohol and plenty of greens and veg, but with the simple changes introduced from FODMAP the result has been so dramatic.  I have a renewed lease on life, I now feel my 36 years old rather than 20 years older, my kids have their energetic mum back and all of my symptoms are gone.  It’s literally changed my entire life.”

MP aged 36

The importance of fiber after bowel cancer surgery

Bowel Cancer

"After visiting several dietitians, I had the most wonderful experience with London Dietitians following my bowel cancer surgery. They've taught me the difference between soluble and insolublefibre - a ground breaker for me! - and now I feel more in control. I recommend highly for anyone who finds themselves in my situation."

AK age 33, Maida Vale, W9