Research suggests that if you can maintain your weight whilst going through treatment you will get through treatment with fewer side effects.

Two Step Approach

We embark on the treatment of each cancer patient in two key stages: 

  1. The first priority is to support you through treatment (surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy) with the primary goal of maintaining your weight.
  2. After treatment we plan for the future by ‘optimising your diet’ to help prevent further disease or recurring illness.

Caring Support


We support you through cancer treatment or prevention with bespoke dietetic intervention for specific conditions that will provide you with all nutritional requirements to help optimise cancer prevention, or help you to recover from treatment. Each patient's case is assessed individually and we have extensive experience in this area.

Patients are guaranteed a caring and supportive service from us, and results have proven that engaging a dietitian at this time can be instrumental in the recovery process. We operate an oncology clinic at Cancer Centre London so our experience is second-to-none in this area. Cancer dietetics is Lynda Mallinson's passion and she is extensively qualified to work with cancer patients. Lynda also offers Skype clinics to patients undergoing treatment, who may be too tired or ill to travel.