Chronic Fatigue

Toxin load often manifests as generalized symptoms in multiple body systems and chronic fatigue has been documented as one of these symptoms.

Have you thought about your toxic burden? This is just one thing we could explore. 

Supporting patients with ME

We support patients who suffer from this debilitating syndrome, as we understand that it cannot be treated with sleep or rest. We will work with you to create an eating plan that is designed to use diet as an effective treatment of your symptoms, which will help you to regain more control of your life by making safe and steady progress.

Who does ME affect?


ME/CFS can affect individuals of any age and any sex, and whilst some sufferers may be able to continue living their normal lives without too much disruption, for others the condition will be so debilitating that they may have to give up education, work, social activities, and in very serious cases may even become house-bound or bed-bound.

The importance of diet

Although it may not seem like ME/CFS has anything to do with diet and nutrition, actually there are many considerations that need to be taken into account. What we put into our bodies has a profound effect on how they function, so we may find that a good diet helps minimise ME/CFS symptoms.