Research tells us that up to 79% of 11-18 year old girls and boys do not meet their calcium requirement, and are unlikely to achieve their Peak Bone Mass (PBM) increasing their risk of osteoporosis in the future.

Peak bone mass


Did you know that you achieve your peak bone mass before adulthoodi.e. in your 20’s? This is the strongest your bones will be throughout your life. Therefore ensuring you getting enough calcium and vitamin D throughout your childhood and teenage years is vital in protecting your bones in the future. Achieving peak bone mass before adulthood is critical to provide maximum protection against bone fragility and fractures in later life.

Working with children, teens and parents

We have extensive experience of working with children, teenagers and their parents on all aspects of nutrition, allergy, behavioural or other chronic conditions, where food has either become a source of stress, or could become a treatment that assists in the quality of day to day living. Our Senior Paediatric Dietitian, Carol Baguley, has many years' experience in this field and would be delighted to provide more information.